Our Office Space

Escape to Nature

Our nature themed room is alive and more relaxing than you can imagine.  We have natural lighting, our intertwining Ivy, a Peace Lilly, aromatherapy, a salt lamp and flowing water in a greenhouse botanical garden.  Reconnect with nature!

Relax at the Beach

Our ocean themed room is tranquil and serene.  We have a real palm tree, bamboo, a zen garden, and our sandy shores fish tank.  Let your stress just wash away on our table.

Your Destination Resort in Your Hometown!

With the busy lives we live, it's nice to escape once in awhile.  If your idea of a get-away is on the sandy shores of the ocean, we try to bring a little of the beach and ocean tide to you.  If your idea of a get-away is a hike through the jungle, we have that too.  Come relax and let us take care of you.  You deserve it!